OSU’s statewide service programs, including the Extension Service, Agriculture Experiment Stations and Forest Research Laboratories, provide vital support and services to communities in every county in Oregon. During the 2022 legislative session, we are asking for $2.2 million to cover the full operational costs through 2023.

The OSU Statewides are key components to OSU’s land grant mission. Their service to Oregonians and presence in every county of the state is one of the elements that makes OSU unique.

These program areas are continually asked to do more with less. In Oregon’s 2021 legislative session, the OSU Statewides did not receive their full funding request to cover operational cost increases. This session, they are asking for $2.2 million to cover the full continuing service level cost increase. Without this funding, the Statewides will likely have to leave positions vacant. As a result, they will have less capacity to address Oregon’s critical needs and emerging issues.

Supporting this investment keeps OSU at the forefront of bringing the latest science and technology to bear on the issues facing Oregonians and ensuring sustainable food, agricultural systems, forests, environments and communities for the future.

Contact your legislator today and ask for their support of OSU Statewide service programs.