April 14, 2015 is OSU Day at the Capitol!

There is nothing more impactful to legislators  Beavers do it every year.

This year you can join The Beaver Caucus for OSU Day at the Capitol on April 14th in Salem to meet with your State Senator.  It’s a chance to appeal to them directly for increased funding for higher education, including support for the OSU Statewide Public Service Programs – Extension, Agricultural Experiment Station and Forest Research Laboratory.  We’ll also be expressing support for state funding to help construct a new Forestry Complex and an expansion of the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport.  We will provide you with a simple one-page sheet that outlines our priorities.

We’ll be there all day from 8:00am, ending with a reception in the Capitol Galleria that begins at 4:30pm.  We can use your help whenever you’re able to attend.  President Ed Ray and Benny will be there, along with OSU’s Chamber Choir and OSU students, alumni, and supporters from all over the state. It’s a great way to wear your colors, lobby with fellow Beavers, and give back to the university.

Can you make it?  If so, sign up here and we’ll be in touch. We’ll do all the advance work; all you need to do is show up.  If you can’t, would you take a moment to send your legislators an email?

Thanks for your effort on behalf of OSU. Go Beavs!