BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) — OSU-Cascades partnered with Deschutes County Health Services Tuesday to provide a free drive-thru and walk-up flu shot and Covid-19 vaccination clinic on its campus. And like another Bend clinic last week, demand was so strong, they ran out of flu vaccines.

“Every year, we work with Deschutes County Health Services to host a flu shot clinic — and this year it was only natural to offer Covid-19 vaccinations along with the flu vaccinations, too,” said Christine Coffin, director of communications for OSU-Cascades.

County Health Services has been leaning on community partners to host vaccine events as demand continues to rise.

Last week, strong demand meant the Bend Park and Rec District ran out of shots at its similar event at the Larkspur Community Center.

The same happened again at Tuesday’s event, with flu shots running out around noon.

“We’ve got someone running to grab some more doses for this afternoon so that we can meet the demand that is here to the best of our ability,” said Crystal Sully, COVID-19 vaccine supervisor for Deschutes County Health Services.

Sully said she believes the demand for the flu shot is high at the moment due to community members wanting to keep each other safe.

“The influenza vaccine is one more layer of protection, one more way that we can protect ourselves and support our health care community,” Sully said.

Deschutes County Health Services expected to administer 200 flu shots at the event.

Even if flu shots at the vaccination events run out, Sully said they’ll utilize health care connections to try and provide vaccines for as many as they can.

“Because we’ve established those relationships and have nurtured them over time, we’re able to pull on them when we need them,” Sully said.

The vaccine event will continue at the university on Wednesday between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. and is open to the public.

Article was originally published by KTVZ.