During the 2019 Oregon legislative session, the Beaver Caucus will work hard to continue and increase state investments in higher education. Together with Oregon’s other public universities, we will support a strong future for all students, staff, faculty and our state’s economy. All seven public universities will work collectively to make higher education a priority for the legislature.

The seven public universities have sought at least a $120 million increase in operating funds from $737 million, for a total investment of $857 million. This request would ensure that tuition increases would stay below 5% per year each for the next two years. Last August, the Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) recommended a $186 million increase in operating funds for a total of $923 million. This request is a significant improvement and would enable meaningful investments in student success and access while keeping tuition affordable.

Oregon is better off when we invest in our students. In 2019, the Beaver Caucus is committed to building on the progress made in public support for higher education.