Continued Expansion of OSU Cascades

In September 2016, Oregon State University celebrated the grand opening of OSU Cascades and its first academic building, Tykeson Hall. This grand opening was born out of a 30-year community effort to bring a university to Central Oregon. The OSU Cascades Campus is the first university campus to open in Oregon in more than 50 years. Located in Bend, it will serve students in one of the fastest-growing parts of the state. Until now, Bend had been the largest metropolitan area in Oregon without a four-year university. The university will support Central Oregon’s educational, economic and cultural goals, and serve as a partner for businesses, non-profits and the community.

The incredible growth in population and economic development in Central Oregon means that OSU Cascades must serve a population of more than 200,000 people.  Central Oregon will continue to grow and diversify and OSU Cascades must be prepared to keep pace with the needs of the community. With the goal of accommodating 3000-5000 students by 2025, OSU Cascades will need to continue to grow and expand in order to support its students and faculty. This will require new investment in facilities and infrastructure.

For the 2017 legislative session, we will be seeking $69.5 million in capital funding for OSU Cascades. This will include site reclamation, infrastructure improvements, a second academic building and a student success center.

Increased capital funding will enable OSU Cascades to meet the teaching, research and academic needs of a growing student and faculty. A well-designed physical space for students and the faculty who will support them is essential in order to see all students through to graduation. A vibrant university that delivers academic excellence and focuses on student retention and success can be one of the pillars of a strong economy. Capital investments in OSU Cascades will make a difference for Central Oregon and our entire state.

Quality Food and Beverage Building

During the 2017 legislative session we will be urging the legislature to support OSU’s capital request for a Quality Food and Beverage Building. Oregon’s food and beverage industries are among the fastest growing industry sectors, creating new jobs in every county in the state. The Oregon Quality Food and Beverage Building will further OSU’s research, teaching, and outreach with facilities for brewing, wine-making, distilled spirits, cheese-making and product development from crop breeding to packaging and marketing.

The Oregon Quality Foods and Beverage project will strengthen the impact and reach of OSU throughout Oregon and beyond. The project will drive economic development of Oregon food and beverage industries by expanding commercialization through research applications, innovation and technology that originates from OSU research in food and fermentation science.

Oregonians are proud of their high-quality food and beverages. Growers and processors are eager to share their products in a larger marketplace. And rural communities are ready to build new, value-added food and beverage businesses. The Quality Food and Beverage Building will allow OSU to train tomorrow’s winemakers, brewers, cheese makers and other food entrepreneurs on state-of-the-art equipment, leading to a highly skilled workforce that will support Oregon as a world leader in quality food and beverages.

Campus Maintenance Projects

If OSU is going to have a world-class reputation, it needs world-class facilities. Maintaining campus infrastructure is critical to achieving this goal. During the 2017 legislative session we will be seeking funding for capital improvements for Cordley, Fairbanks and Gilkey Halls.

Cordley Hall provides space for biology, horticulture, plant pathology and zoology research and teaching. These departments support an academic and research experience that benefits the entire state of Oregon. The Cordley Hall project will improve research space and directly affect the recruitment, retention and effectiveness of the researchers and graduate assistants who will provide instruction, mentoring and experience learning to all students.

Fairbanks Hall is one of the most historic and iconic buildings on the OSU Corvallis campus. The College of Liberal Arts is the current and likely long-term occupant of Fairbanks Hall. The College of Liberal Arts delivers the highest number of credit hours in the university and frequently produces the greatest number of graduates.  A renovated Fairbanks Hall can be a catalyst for the enhancement of opportunities in the arts for OSU students. Investment in Fairbanks Hall can also help the University enhance its role in the academic world, as well as with broader audiences in the state and region. In order to excel nationally and internationally, OSU needs spaces that reflect institutional commitment.

The Gilkey Hall renovation will accommodate the Undergraduate Studies Program and the International Program with a specific focus on student success. The project will bring both programs together in the heart of campus. It will improve the student experience at OSU particularly in student success for undergraduate and international students. Providing a centralized location for advising will help students determine their major course of study and more quickly connect to career development services in an effective manner. Together these efforts will expedite the student’s ability to complete their credentials and engage as productive members of our workforce.  In addition, Gilkey Hall is one of OSU’s most historic buildings. Built in 1912 as the Dairy Science Building, it was renovated and renamed the Social Science Center in 1951 and then renamed for Dr. Gordon Gilkey, former Dean of the College of Liberal Arts in 2002. Renovation is critical to maintaining and preserving this historic hall.

Capital improvement projects will substantially improve the student experience at OSU. Investing in these infrastructure projects will enhance the OSU’s ability to keep students engaged, enrolled and graduating.