Did you know: Oregon is ranked 45th in the nation in per-student funding for public universities. It spends less than half the national average in financial aid per student. This underfunding has made it increasingly difficult for students from all backgrounds to pursue a college education, which in turn perpetuates economic disparities and limits opportunities for mobility.

Investing in higher education is also critical to addressing the workforce issues that Oregon currently faces. By providing more funding for higher education, we can ensure that Oregonians have access to the skills and training they need to succeed in the workforce, and that employers are able to hire skilled workers from within the state instead of having to look elsewhere.

Higher education is a key element in putting Oregonians on a pathway to stability and prosperity, and it is too important to shortchange Oregon’s students for even one more year.

You can take one simple action today and help make a college education more accessible for every aspiring student, no matter their socioeconomic background. Send a message to your legislator in support of the Public University Support Fund and Oregon Opportunity Grant.

OSU’s best advocacy day yet

During the annual Beavers vs. Ducks Advocacy Challenge on Feb. 22, we achieved our best day of digital advocacy ever, altogether sending 420 messages urging policymakers to invest in OSU and higher education statewide. OSU participants raised their voices from all 30 senate districts and 50 of the 60 house districts, and more than half added personal, often moving messages about what OSU means to them.

The results? The competition was a tie! The Ducks had more people participate, but Beavers generated more messages to legislators. As has been the case during all three years of the competition, the real winner is higher education. Thank you for being a part of the challenge.

Advancing OSU’s statewide influence

OSU advocates took part in our first in-person lobby day event in Salem since 2020. Beavers had many positive meetings with legislators to discuss OSU’s legislative priorities for the 2023 session.

Also in February, OSU advocates, volunteers and leaders gathered at the OSU Portland Center for the Portland Business Alliance happy hour with Multnomah County elected officials. Thanks to everyone who came to the event and learned about OSU’s impact in the metro area.


Let’s keep up the support for Oregon State University and higher ed! OSU’s day at the capitol is May 3. Be on the lookout for additional details coming soon