Hello Beaver Caucus member:

The Beaver Caucus is thankful for your continuous advocacy and support. You are among our most engaged members, and we’d love to learn more about why you advocate for Oregon State University.

We are seeking volunteers to meet with us virtually for a 15-minute Zoom call to record a brief testimonial video. Check out this short video from former Beaver Caucus board member Tina Bull to see how it’s done. The video featuring your story will be shared across our social media and other marketing platforms. Alumni, students, faculty members and OSU community members are all invited to participate. All we need is your enthusiasm and Beaver pride.  Sign up to record a video testimonial today!

Looking for other ways to advocate?

  • Send an email to your state legislators to let them know why you advocate for OSU.
  • Follow the Beaver Caucus on our social media platforms, TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn
  • Tell a friend about the Beaver Caucus and urge them to join and become an advocate.  

We hope you will join us in spreading the word about OSU and the great work the university is doing across the state.

Here are some places around the state you can find OSU in September:

Thank you for all you do to support our great university! 

Go Beavs!

Bill Perry

The Beaver Caucus is an independent, alumni-led organization. It is a 501(c)4 with an independent board of directors. The Caucus works closely with the OSU Foundation to engage alumni and supporters, giving them the opportunity to amplify their voice and have a substantive impact on state government.