On Sunday, lawmakers officially wrapped up the 2019 Oregon legislative session. We are grateful for the efforts of OSU supporters like you who called, emailed and visited legislators. You blanketed the Capitol in a wave of orange and black to ensure legislators prioritized higher education and OSU.

Thanks to your hard work the legislature:

  • Increased funding for Oregon’s public universities by $100 million, which will allow OSU to keep tuition increases low
  • Approved a $19.2 million increase for the OSU statewide public service programs, which support agriculture, natural resource and community development programs across the state
  • Allocated $1.6 million for OSU’s PacWave South wave energy test site
  • Funded $65 million in capital renewal projects across Oregon’s seven public universities
  • Expanded the Oregon Opportunity Grant program, the state’s largest need-based financial aid program, to serve an additional 2,500 students

(For more information on legislative action related to OSU, please see the OSU Government Relations Legislative Scorecard.)

But we’re not done yet. During the 2020 legislative session, we will continue to work with the Governor and legislature to ensure that Oregon higher education remains within reach for all those willing to earn a degree. We will be counting on Beaver Caucus members to lead the way in advocating for students and our great university.

Thank you for all you do! Go Beavs!

Bill Perry